Your Comprehensive Invisirail Posts Review

For many people, the main goal of installing any type of outdoor railing system is to enhance security. While those deck railings do make your home safer, they can also block an otherwise stunning view. Can you really have one without the other?

Invisirail proves that you can. The brand’s main product is the Invisirail glass railing system. It is strong enough to provide the safety that you need, while transparent enough to provide an uninterrupted view.

A major part of how it does this is the tempered glass panel itself. It’s strong enough to withstand adverse weather conditions without breaking or fading. It can also handle extreme temperature changes without deforming or cracking, unlike standard wood railings. This is due – in large part – to the tempering process that the glass goes through. It leads to a high-quality glass that is tough, durable, and resilient.

However, the unique rail posts that Invisirail provides also helps. Known as Invisiposts, they make it possible to secure glass panels while ensuring a truly seamless view. In fact, these Invisirail posts will help you achieve one of the most flawless views that are currently available on the market. So, here is everything you need to know about Invisiposts.

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Invisirail Posts

A typical glass railing system consists of a number of glass panels that are attached to metal frames. Depending on the product that you use, you can preserve the integrity of your view to varying degrees.

By using Invisirail, you can forget about worrying that your view will be blocked by any number of components. Also, both the glass panels and Invisirail posts are resistant to any corrosion that can be caused by water.

Invisiposts are essentially metal posts that are used in the Invisirail glass railing system. They are usually made of stainless or powder-coated steel. Invisiposts have the lowest profile on the market today. At just 5/16 inches thick, these Invisirail posts are virtually invisible. By choosing the most unobtrusive posts available on the market, you ensure that no view is uninterrupted.

Color of Invisirail Posts

Invisirail posts are available in a variety of colors. You can easily pick the standard stainless steel option for your new glass railing system. But, if you want to spice it up, there are various color options that you can select. These include:

These are simply steel that has been powder-coated. This coating helps make the steel impervious to weather conditions. This prevents rusting and corrosion.

Height Of Invisirail Posts

Invisirail posts are available in three different heights:

Your choice will depend on the railing height that you want for your new glass deck railing system.

Styles of Invisirail Posts

InvisiPosts are available in two different styles: deck mount and fascia mount. These are the most popular methods of mounting the Invisirail posts to your deck. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here is a brief breakdown to help you make the best choice:

1. Deck Mount

These are rail posts that you attach to the top surface of your deck – usually with the help of a post skirt. Deck mounting can also be referred to as floor mounting or top mounting. It’s also the most common method to use when installing a railing system on concrete or tile surfaces.

There are many advantages to choosing a deck mount Invisipost, but the biggest is that it makes the installation process much easier. Thanks to gravity, your rail posts will be able to stand straight by themselves.

There’s no need to avoid any overhang here! You just line the post up, put it down and screw it in place. This means that installing your new rail posts can be a one-man job. That makes deck mount rail posts the perfect option for your next DIY project.

However, deck mounting usually makes for a weaker attachment method, especially when you’re working with a wood surface. But this can be easily mitigated by working with a qualified contractor. To avoid these weak connections, you will have to install wood blocking underneath your decking too. This will help secure your railing system more firmly.

2. Fascia Mount

Fascia mounting is also referred to as joist mounting or side mounting. Most people prefer using this method to install their rail posts as opposed to deck mounting. It is especially effective if you’re working with a small space. That’s because the connection is located “outside” your deck or stair. This allows you to get a couple more inches of room.

Fascia mount deck posts have a wide range of benefits. Since the attachment of the Invisirail is hidden behind the back of your deck, you also won’t see the hardware. The most important benefit of this is that it has a greater appeal, especially if you’re going for a no-frills or uncluttered look.

It also presents an advantage when used indoors. With this style, your railing won’t collect dust or accidentally stub your toe in the middle of the night!

But the most important feature of fascia mount deck posts is that they result in a very strong connection. They are a particularly appropriate option for mounting corner posts.

However, this is a much harder installation method. You must have at least two people, which can increase installation costs if you’re working with a contractor. Also, it results in an overhang that is usually ¾” to 1” long. You have to know how to incorporate this into your deck design.

Installation Process for Invisirail Posts

  1. Start off by deciding where you want to place all your rail posts. Keep in mind that you will need one at each corner (preferably fascia mount deck posts). You should then space the rest out as evenly as posts.
  2. Mark for the center between each post. Then, draw lines to indicate the sides of the rail posts.
  3. Use door shims to mark the rail height and also help you with fine height adjustments.
  4. Now, take your first post and place it where you want to install it. After ensuring that it is plumb, use a clamp to hold it in place temporarily. Make sure that the clap doesn’t get in the way of the nails that you will be installing.

Make sure to check that that the post in plumb from both sides. If it is not, then use the shims to make it plumb.

  1. Use a drill to drive in the nails that you are using. If your deck surface is particularly hard, make sure to drill a pilot hole. Ensure that your post is attached to the deck surface as firmly as possible.
  2. On the other side, make sure to slip on a washer and nut. You can then use a wrench to tighten the bolts.
  3. Repeat this process to install every other Invisipost.

Tips for Installing Invisirail Posts

  1. You might be wondering which way your rail posts should be facing. If you have a deck that has angles, ensure that the inward faces of most of your posts are placed parallel to the house. This method is preferable to placing them at a 45-degree angle.

However, there is one notable exception. If you have a staircase that will come out at an angle, then ensure that your rail posts are facing in that direction. This will help ensure that the stair railings can be attached easily.

  1. When installing a post that is next to the house, it is important to use a waterproof connection. This will prevent moisture from collecting there and causing rot or corrosion.
  2. If you want to cover the framing of your deck with fascia, then install the fascia first. After this is done, you can then work on installing your rail posts. Do this by drilling the necessary holes and driving in the post’s bolts.

As soon as you have installed the rail posts, you can then turn to laying the decking. This should be followed by installing the top and bottom rails (if you are using any).

  1. When installing any glass railing system, it is important to have two or more people working on the project. This is mainly to ensure that you can handle the glass safely and without breaking it, which is a two-person job. It will also make the work move along much faster.
  2. Always work with the proper protective equipment when doing any sort of building work. Not only will this ensure your health and safety, but it is also a requirement meted out by most local building authorities. When working on a deck, safety glasses and work gloves are a great option, at the very minimum.

The Final Word

Installing a glass railing system is an easy way to add a touch of style and class to any indoor or outdoor space. It creates a sense of openness and light that is hard to beat. If that’s the look that you’re going for, then it makes the most sense to work with products from Invisirail.

A huge component of what makes Invisirail glass railing systems so unique is its rail posts. These Invisiposts have the lowest profile that is currently available on the market. This ensures that any stunning view remains truly unobstructed.