A Comprehensive Review of Trim Head Deck Screws

The type of head that a screw has will significantly affect the performance of the fasteners that you use in building your deck. So it is very important to pay attention to the type of nut and bolt or screw that you use.

Most of these screws are specifically designed for use with a particular type of material, while others can only be used in certain circumstances. That said, one of the most popular types of screws that is commonly used in a wide range of applications are trim head deck screws.

Using these innovative screws provides some pretty unique benefits for your project. Trim head deck screws are designed to disappear beneath the surface of your decking while getting rid of dimpling.

They are the best option for those who want to minimize the appearance of screw heads on the deck surface. They also help to prevent your decking material from splitting when installing the screws using a power tool.

Trim head screws can be used on different decking material. These include wood decking, treated lumber, PVC, and some composite materials.

Product Description

It is easy to get confused when you are trying to choose the best screws for your project. They are probably the most versatile types of fasteners available for woodworking, but there are a lot of choices out there.

Picking the right screw used to be a simple decision between brass or zinc screws. However, technological advances in the manufacture of construction and wood products have brought a wide range of new screws to the market. That said, if you want to build a fastener-free deck or install some delicate trim, trim head deck screws are the best choice for you.

In general trim head screws have a reverse rake tip, which removes any deck material that it bores through. This handy feature ensures that each screw goes into the board without splitting it. Their unique trim head shape and star drive reduces slippage, wear, and tear, and allows the screw to sit flush against your decking material.

They also have an aggressive thread pattern on the lower end, which gives the screw superior holding power. On the other hand, the reverse threads on the upper end helps ensures that these screws are able to pull any decking board snug to the joist and provide a strong join.

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Types of Trim Head Deck Screws

With this in mind, there are many different types of trim head deck screws. So, how do you choose the right one? Below is a brief description of each type to help you make the best decision for your project:

1. Stainless Steel Trim Head Deck Screws

Go for Stainless Steel Trim Head Deck Screws when you need the strength and resistance to rust and corrosion that this material provides for your project. Their unique head shape keeps your decking material from splitting or mushrooming. It also provides great performance and a beautifully fastener-free finish on any deck surface. These screws can be used on any wooden and treated lumber decking materials.

The stainless trim head screws are made from different alloys and grades of stainless steel in order to match the environment that they are supposed to work in. They are available in 305 and 316 SS (stainless steel). Because of the properties of stainless steel, these screws are best suited for use in humid, coastal, or marine environments.

2. CAMO Trim Head Deck Screws

CAMO Trim Head Deck Screws are your best bet if you want the benefits of stainless steel but in a prettier package. They are designed to be used for decking, mounting exterior trims, and fencing. The CAMO Trim Head Deck Screws are available in a wide variety of length options, ranging between 1-5/8” to 3½”. However, they are only available in 316 SS.

The best thing about these screws is that they are available in six different color options. These include white, sand, olive grey, warm grey, brown, and ivory. This means that you are able to color-match the CAMO Trim Head Deck Screws to any decking material for a truly fastener-free deck surface.

3. ProTech Coated Trim Head Deck Screws

The ProTech Coated Trim Head Screws are a great choice if you want an unshakeable guarantee that your screws will be protected from rust and corrosion throughout your project’s lifecycle.

Just like the name says, these are stainless steel screws that have been coated with a protective material known as ProTech. As a result, they are virtually immune to damage from rust, corrosion, and exposure to the elements. This means that the ProTech Coated Trim Head Screws can withstand up to 1,500 hours of sea or salt spray.

Product Features

The shape of a screw’s head will affect how it works when used, regardless of its material, length, or size. In this case, trim head screws are designed to automatically sit flush against all but the hardest materials such as ebony or rosewood.

They are a great option for when you do not want the fastener showing up too prominently on your deck surface. Trim head deck screws are an even better choice when they are driven into pre-drilled holes, where you can use them to mount deck trim, moldings, or set doorjambs. That is because they are much less likely to split thin and delicate wood parts.

When it comes to their design and appearance, trim head deck screws are very similar to flat head screws. They have a circular head that sits flush against any decking material that you are working with. The heads are also formed with small nibs, which ensure that you achieve a beautiful countersunk finish, even in pre-drilled holes.

However, trim head screws and flat head screws are different in one important way: the size of the head. Trim head deck screws are made more like finishing nails, and they perform that function very well. As such, they can match the color of your finish and disappear into the deck when the screw head is well installed.

Another similarity between the two is the driver recess. On the trim head screw, this unique design is the same size as the driver recess on a flat head screw of a similar size. As a result, this feature allows less of the screw to show on the finished product. This explains why trim head deck screws are often used in outdoor products and trim applications.

The most common type of trim head screws is made out of stainless steel, ensuring that they have a very high resistance to rust and corrosion. This makes them particularly suited for use in marine, humid, and other high exposure environments where decks made out of PVC or composite materials are installed. In this case, the best choice of screws are the Type 316 stainless steel trim head screws, which are specially made for seaside applications.

Other key features of the trim head deck screws include the following:

  • A unique trim-style head design that makes the screws less visible on the surface of any deck

  • They have coarse threads that take up approximately two-thirds of the shank. This feature helps to draw the decking material firmly against the framing.

It is recommended that you pre-drill your holes into any board that you intend to use. This will keep your decking material from splitting. Also, do not forget to set your power tool at half speed when driving in trim screws!

Pros of the Trim Head Deck Screws

  •    Using the trim head deck screws lets you use fewer screws, which can help you save on time and costs.
  •    They are specifically designed to stop flush against the surface of your decking material, leaving you with a fastener-free deck surface.
  •    They also ensure that the finished structure is strong and stable.

Cons of the Trim Deck Head Screws

  •    If you are already prone to clumsiness when handling fasteners, you will have some trouble holding on to the trim head deck screws.

They have a smaller head and are harder to grip. This means that you will have to be a little more careful when handling them. However, the trim head deck screws make up for this fact by having a well recessed driver.


How do you pick the right hardware for your deck-building or other home improvement projects? With so many decking screws and fasteners available out there, it is true that you will be spoilt for choice. However, you have to find a way to tell the gimmicks from those that truly perform well.

Trim head deck screws fall completely in the second category. They are actually one of the most versatile, high performing, and effective deck screws on the market right now. They sink flush against any deck material that you use, leading to a smooth, fastener-free and barefoot-friendly deck surface.

If you are looking for something that performs well on a consistent basis, then the trim head deck screws are the right choice for you.