Your Complete Guide to Traditional Balusters

Deck railings are made out of an assembly of different parts. Apart from the posts and rails, the most important part if any wooden or composite decking is the traditional baluster. Simply put, balusters are components of a deck railing system that are used to provide an infill for the guard rails. They are also known as spindles or pickets.

Using balusters is an easy way to add style and flair to any decking project. This vertical surface plays a crucial role in your deck’s overall appearance. It’s amazing what a beautifully curved element or simple but different choice of color can do to enhance the whole vibe of your deck.

There are many products available on the market today, with the best options coming from popular decking company Deckorators. You can either pick a traditional baluster or choose from a wide variety of styles, colors, and textures.

Traditional Baluster

According to regulations defined by the IRC, deck railing systems should not have any gaps that are larger than four inches. This is to prevent children and small pets from being stuck between the spaces.

However, this requirement has created the need to update decking design. Contractors and homeowners had to find a beautiful but affordable repeated system to fill in the gaps between rail posts. This need explains the increasing popularity with well-crafted balusters in recent years.

As a result, you will need a lot of balusters – even for a short length of railing. It is also important to note that balusters can be the most expensive part of any deck railing project. However, if you use the right components, they will prove worthwhile over time.

Featured Products

Deckorators Traditional Balusters

Whether you are building a new deck or replacing the rails on your old one, Deckorators traditional balusters are the best choice for you. They are made from a heavy-gauge aluminum that is coated with a thick powder finish. This offers an unparalleled, long-lasting performance. It will also give your deck a beautiful, contemporary look and feel.  

Deckorators traditional balusters are also easy to install and 100 percent maintenance-free. This allows you to create a unique look for your deck without worrying about your spindles rusting, splintering, cracking, or breaking. These balusters are designed to last a lifetime.

They are also very easy to install. You can use stainless steel heads to face mount Deckorators traditional balusters to top and bottom railings. Furthermore, they can be used with various railing materials, including wood, vinyl, or composites.

For this system, you will need to install 2.5 balusters in every linear foot. They are available in 32-inch and 40-inch length sizes. You can also make the design more interesting by adding a highly stylized aluminum fleur de lis baluster centerpiece.

Deckorators Traditional Balusters Black

Balusters typically come in a variety of color finishes. The Deckorators traditional balusters in black have proven to be one of their most popular options. They are coated with material that makes them resistant to rust and the elements.

These balusters can be face-mounted onto any 2×4 deck railing with screws that are provided with each kit. They are also available in 32-inch and 40-inch options.

Deckorators Traditional Aluminum Balusters

Traditional aluminum balusters are made from a sturdy aluminum material that is powder-coated with a protective material. This ensures that the balusters are protected from continuous exposure to the elements, humidity, and the outdoors in general.

They offer a beautifully geometric style that is common in the more classic designs. These traditional aluminum balusters can be installed in wooden, composite, or aluminum deck railing systems.

The benefits of Deckorators traditional aluminum balusters include the following:

  • They are 100 percent maintenance-free

  • They are coated with a special powder finish that protects the balusters from corrosion and the elements

  • They are easy to install

  • These balusters are also very affordable

  • They do not require baluster connections

If you are thinking of updating your deck, the Deckorators traditional 32” aluminum baluster may be the best choice for you. They are also available in 26-inch and 40–inch options.

Traditional White Oak Baluster

Wooden balusters represent the height in traditional spindle design. The traditional white oak baluster is a particularly popular option for those who want that classic touch. However, they are usually custom-made according to your specific requirements. As a result, a limitless world of options will be open up as you design the perfect deck railing system for your tastes.

Traditional vs. Vintage Face Mount Baluster

For many years, traditional deck railing systems used straight lined wooden balusters. However, these pickets were prone to cracking, splintering, and twisting over time. They also required a lot of maintenance to keep them looking good.

That is why the traditional face mount baluster from Deckorators is such a game changer. It provides the traditional straight lined look without the high level of maintenance.

These traditional face mount balusters are a sophisticated take on a popular classic design. They use a typical geometric rectangular style and attach to the face of any deck railing system. They can also be installed on wood or composite deck railings.

However, you could also decide to go the vintage route. When it comes to traditional vs vintage face mount baluster, there is quite a bit of difference between the two. For starters, vintage face mount balusters are available in a wide range of colors. This gives you unlimited potential to create unique designs. They feature a simple surface or rail-to-rail mount for easy installation.

They are available in 26-inch, 29-inch, and 32-inch options. You can also install them on any decking material, such as wood, composite, or vinyl.

Traditional Face Mount Baluster Bronze

The Deckorators traditional face mount baluster is also available in bronze. Each round spindle is made from 18-gauge aluminum that is then powder-coated with a beautiful bronze finish. They also have a diameter of ¾ inches and come in 26-inch, 29-inch or 32-inch options.

Deckorators Traditional Baluster Dimensions

Deckorators traditional balusters are available in a variety of different styles. Each style is available in various dimensions. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of Deckorators traditional baluster dimensions:

  •    Deckorators traditional aluminum balusters

–    Available in 32-inch option for a 36-inch rail height

–    Also available in 40-inch option for a 36-inch rail height when connected directly to the band board; or a 42-inch and 46-inch rail height when attached to the top and bottom rails

  •    Deckorators classic aluminum balusters

–    Available in 29-inch option for a 36-inch rail height

–    Also available in 32-inch option for a 39-inch rail height

  •    Deckorators ellipse aluminum balusters

–    Available in 26-inch option for a 36-inch rail height

–    Also available in 32-inch option for a 42-inch rail height

  •    Deckorators estate balusters

–    Available in 26-inch option for a 36-inch rail height on 2×4 rails

–    Use 32-inch option for a 42-inch rail height on 2×4 rails

–    Use 29-inch balusters for a 36-inch rail height on CXT railing

–    Also available in 32-inch option for a 39-inch rail height on CXT railing

  •    Deckorators arc aluminum balusters – available in 32.25-inch option for a 36-inch rail height
  •    Deckorators baroque aluminum balusters

–    Available in 32.25-inch option for a 36-inch rail height

–    Also available in 40-inch option for a 36-inch rail height, if connected directly to the band board; or a 42-inch and 46-inch rail height when connected to the top and bottom rails

  •    Deckorators twist aluminum balusters

–    Available in 26-inch option for a 36-inch rail height on 2×4 rails

–    Use 32-inch option for a 42-inch rail height on 2×4 rails

–    Use 32-inch balusters for a 39-inch rail height on CXT railing

–    Also available in 32-inch option for a 39-inch rail height on CXT railing

How to Install a Deckorators Baluster

Using balusters is a simple way to add style and elegance to any deck railing. You can choose from a wide range of styles, colors, and textures to make tour deck as unique as possible. Here is a simple step by step how-to guide that you can use to install Deckorators balusters on your deck:

  1. Measure the distance between your rail posts. Also, make sure to note the distance between one inside corner to another to measure between any angled sections of railing.
  2. If you are using 2×4 sections, use a miter saw to cut each railing section to size.
  3.  Mark the center of each rail section on its inside face. This will act as your guide once you start laying out the baluster connections.
  4. Screw in the baluster connections into the center of each 2×4 rail section. Be sure to install the connectors less than four inches from the center.
  5. Next, install the bottom rail section at least one and a half inches above the deck floor.
  6. Lastly, slide each baluster into a connector in the bottom rail first. Then, work each baluster into the corresponding connector on the top rail. Secure each connection and wrap up by installing a top cap to finish the rail section.


The right kind of balusters will give you unlimited potential for styling a new deck railing system or updating an old one. They are unique and versatile, bringing an elegant and contemporary vibe to any outdoor deck.